The Driving Lesson

What happens?

  • You must have a valid ND permit before you can sign up for lessons.
  • Phone 701-491-7170 to visit with us regarding your questions, our contract, and to schedule lessons.
  • Be mindful that a driving appointment is not held until a contract is made.
  • At the time of your lesson, the instructor will show up 10-15 minutes early to take care of the contract, payment, and visit with a parent or guardian.
  • Orientation on adjustments, car controls, and driving protocol.
  • Depending on experience, driving streets or roads with minimal traffic.
  • Driving time is limited to two continuous hours. A thirty minute break is required following every two continuous hours of training per day for an individual student, but not to exceed a total of four hours per day.
  • See the curriculum for topics covered.
  • Lessons will be video recorded for safety reasons.

What to wear?

  • Do NOT wear flip flops as they can become stuck in a peddle.  Wear closed toe shoes.

What to bring?

  • Your valid ND permit.  You cannot drive without a permit.  If you lose or misplace your permit, notify the instructor.
  • Glasses or contacts if restricted on your permit.
  • Bottle water is permitted in the car when the vehicle is stopped.  No food or other drink is permitted in the car.
  • Cell phone or smart phone – they must be off during driving but can be used during a break.
  • Bring extra money, if you like, in case a break is taken at a convenience store or fast-food restaurant.
  • Bring sunglasses or a hat, if you like, to reduce sun glare.

Can I bring a friend?

  • No, unless they have a contract to drive with Valley Driver Education.  If you pair up with another person, we can drive into Fargo for city driving.